EC Probe Datasheet

Lab Grade, Industrial, and Combined pH/EC

  • Measuring Range: Lab and Combined: 0.2 - 12.0 mS/cm², Industrial: 0.5 - 12.0 mS/cm²
  • Working Temperature: 5 - 60 °C (41 - 150 °F)
  • Body Material: Lab: glass, Combined and Industrial: plastic
  • Electrode Material: Lab and Combined: black platinum, Industrial 316L stainless steel
  • Cell Constant: 1.0 ±0.2
  • Connector: BNC
  • Cable length: customizable
  • Dimensions: 12x155 mm

The useful life of the probe is indefinite; it has no parts that will naturally degrade over the course of regular use. Care must be taken to prevent the electrodes from breaking and they should never be cleaned by direct touch.


Immerse in 10% nitric acid or hydrochloric acid solution for two minutes, then wash with distilled water. Do not scrub the electrodes, nothing should ever come into contact with them. If the acid solution isn't working, try increasing the temperature and agitate the probe.