🧰 Using our Development Tools

We have created a couple tools to make developing hardware with our modules easier.

Mod-EVAL Board

Datasheet 📜

The Mod-EVAL board gives access to all the interfaces our modules provide.

  • I²C through a qwiic connector with 4k7 pullups pre-installed
  • UART through the standard TX/RX pins
  • USB through a Micro-B cable
  • BNC bulkhead connector for probes
  • 1-Wire temperature sensor with a 4k7 pullup pre-installed
  • All 4 module PROBE_X pins
  • Extra power and ground pins

All interfaces are available simultaneously, so debugging is made easier.


The EVAL_ISO board allows an isolation board to be used and tested.

  • Disconnectable pullups for I²C
  • Adjustable enable pin

Using it

The typical setup would involve:

  1. place a module in the header
  2. if the EVAL_ISO board is going to be used, connect the IN side to a controlling device, then connect OUT to the Mod-EVAL board. This only works for I²C and UART.
  3. Power the device through the connected interface and test through the controlling device.
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