šŸŽ‰ New Everything

šŸŽ‰ New Everything

We have been quiet for awhile now. In all that time, we have been working on totally new versions of everything we make.

Our sensors now all come in small 25x15 mm castellated boards. Mod-EC, Mod-pH, Mod-ORP and Mod-ISO are the first results. The 25x15 form-factor is something we are going to stick with for a long time and makes it easy to incorporate them into your own hardware designs.

To get people going immediately, we made Dev Boards. They come in several different sensor configurations and provide all the connections needed.

  • U.FL for the probes: this makes it easy to put these boards in an enclosure. We sell a U.FL to BNC cable with all the Dev Boards, so you can mount the board, then run the cable to the enclosure wall.
U.FL to BNC Cable
  • IĀ²C interface options: two qwiic connectors make wiring these boards easy. There is also a pass-through header if you prefer.
Dev Board diagram
  • Temperature: Since knowing your solution's temperature is important, we included a 1-Wire temperature sensor interface to every module and Dev Board.
  • IoT in mind: The Dev Boards all have an EN pin. If you want, you can turn off and entire board when not in use, then turn it back on to take a measurement. The power-draw is almost 0 doing this.

We also changed our website.

A major focus went into documentation, you will find everything has downloadable manuals and datasheets. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi libraries are similarly documented.

And finally, we have created a Discord channel for discussion, debug help, and anything else.

We are excited to have finally released everything.

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