Microfire LLC

Water quality and environmental sensors for Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Dev Boards: provide all the required connections for the sensor modules. Isolated power, probe connections, and interface connections are implemented. These boards are the easiest way to add sensing capabilities to a device.

Sensor modules: small castellated modules that take a particular measurement (EC or pH for example) with I²C, UART and USB interface options. They can be integrated into a custom board that provides probe connections, appropriate interface connections and power. These are best suited for creating a fully customized sensing device where you want full control over all aspects of the hardware design.

🌱 EC+pH Isolated Dev Board

One qwiic wire to add EC and pH measurements to your hardware application.

About Microfire

Ever want to make a hydroponic monitor? Something to track the nutrient solution and pH? You probably saw how much water sensors cost. If you are like us, you may have thought Why?. Why turned into I'll just make it myself. And that's where μFire LLC came from.